(Combination of: Council of Students/Youth Movement, Youth Council of Mauritius and the

United Nations Association of Mauritius Youth Wing – affiliates of: ASSU, SAYM, IUS, NASYO, ASA, ISMUM, PYU, WFUNA YOUTH)

To:   Network of African Youth for Development,


Dear President/Secretary General/ Chief Administrator,

We have the great pleasure to share with you that during a Special General Meetings held on 24th March 2012 between the Council of Students and Youth Movement of Mauritius-COSYM (ex-SWYLM) and The Mauritius Youth Council a resolution was voted that above organizations will be also known jointly as YOUTH AND STUDENTS COUNCIL OF UNA-MAURITIUS. The decision took effects as from 6th April 2012.

The decision was made after 2 years of successful experiment by both COSYM and MYC working together on the national level with a joint programs and projects.



  1. PRESIDENT                                             D.Vickram DOOKNA                             Analysist Medical laboratory
  2. VICE PRESIDENT                                  Ms. Rubna DAUREEAWO                    Young Barister/ Law Prof.
  3. VICE-PRESIDENT                                 Javed LALLMAMODE                            Student-U
  4. SECRETARY -GENERAL                      Mahesh ROOPUN                                  IT Technician
  5. DEPUTY SEC. GEN.                             Ms  Abdoola Cassim BASHIRA          Civil Servant
  6. DEPUTY SEC.GEN                               Ms.  Geeta MATABADAL                    Student -U
  7. SECRETARY                                           Ms. Honita PRAYAG                              Young Barister/Student- PG
  8. SECRETARY                                           Ms.  Pratima SAITEE                              Medical Nurse/Student -PG
  9. SECRETARY                                           Jacque Thomy RABAUD                      Student- SS
  10. PRO –Head of External Affairs    Dr. Ms. Pritty Singh                               Medical Doctor/Student -PG
  11. TREASURER                                          Gulshan SEEBORUN                             Young Entrepreneur
  12. ASSISTANT TREASURER                  Ms. Zaarah Mullboccus                       Student- SS
  13. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                     Nundkeswarsing BOSSSOONDYAL  Consultant-NGOs

The following national projects and programs for the year 2012+ are underway:

  1. Maurice Ile Durable –MID,
  2. UN Millennium Development Goals – MDG’s (With themes needed in priority  for  Mauritius),
  3. Computer Clubs & effects of Face book on Family, Youth and Students,
  4. Water Management and Use,
  5. Life Plus –Healthy Lifestyle,
  6. Consumers Tips/Education,
  7. United Nations preliminary studies to 5th/ 6th standard ZEP area Primary Schools.

Besides the 7 above projects/programs, several other national, regional and international issues are also on the agenda.

We sincerely hope that our relation and cooperation will further strengthen and consolidated.

Yours sincerely,

Mahesh ROOPUN,

Secretary-General – Youth and Students Council of UNA-MAURITIUS——This 23rd April 2012


c/o MUNA, RD-Law chambers, 4 Sir William Newton St, POB 401,Port-Louis. Mauritius