Why do I Volunteer with NAYD?

Nkhenzani Valoyi – NAYD Steering Group

Working for NAYD’s been such a total bliss. It’s been a learning curve and a platform that refined my growth.  We are living in a continent where there’s a divide between the elite and the poor and where our governments do not have enough capacity to reach everyone. In reacting to the status quo, sharing my skills, talents and knowledge by being the voice of the voiceless is the reason why I passionately serve my continent by volunteering at NAYD. I believe that development starts with DESIRE and that is what keeps me going through all trials I experience at NAYD. I realized that we cannot keep on being ignorant and if each and every one of us “the youth” can do our part, our continent will transform faster and most people who are living in abandoned rural communities of Africa will achieve a better quality of life. Ubuntu means, “I am because we are”, sharing with love, compassion and generosity and working with a team that does likewise is what drives my DESIRE. It is my wish to see more and more youth around the continent find reason to join NAYD and NAYD’S Research Desk.

“I CAN do what you cannot do, you CAN do what I cannot do, TOGETHER, we CAN do GREAT THINGS”, Mother Teresa

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