Why do I Volunteer with NAYD?

Judyannet Muchri – NAYD Steering Group

It has been a few years now since I started at NAYD and I have enjoyed growing with this network of people who are committed to social change. Why do I do what I do at NAYD? The answer lies in my belief in Africa and her peoples in all their diversities, capacities and beauty. With this in mind, I believe that things could be better and that we (I) have a personal responsibility to work towards a better society where diverse peoples have equal access to resources, freedoms, and institutions. Seeing as we are able to enjoy the freedoms that our fore-parents fought so hard for, we owe it to those who came before us and those who will come after us to work towards a better society. Indeed, this is what my colleagues and I endeavor to do every single day at NAYD. It is also an excellent opportunity to work with different African youth who are equally committed to making change at the very local level and I am able to do this at NAYD because of the rich connections that we have built over time. We have come a long way in building this network and I am thrilled at the present and future possibilities and opportunities.

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