Why do I Volunteer with NAYD?

Pochi Tamba (Eps. NSOH) – NAYD Steering Group

There are thousands of African youths working for a better continent and a better world. Many of these youths are repeating what some fellow African youths somewhere had done or are doing. NAYD is the one place where these African youths get to know themselves, exchange ideas and  re-energise themselves in a field where the challenges only add as you go. It is to create this link between African youths, and to maintain it, that I started volunteering for NAYD, and that I am still here. There is so much energy in Africa and in its young people. A lot of this energy is carried in small arms doing little things in sometimes very remote parts of the continent. It gives me a lof of fulfillment and drive to know that my little effort and that of many other African youths, help tell the stories of these little hands changing the world from Africa. And money certainly cannot pay for that fulfillment.



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