Tributes from African Youth for Madiba

Whilst we mourn the death of a great African leader we also celebrate his life. Below are tributes from African Youth whose lives have been touched by him.

‘Mandela touched the Royals and Commoners alike and the world will surely feel a big void in his passing on. I join NAYD to wish you fare well Sir. May your soul rest in peace.’ Chinedu Opara

‘The news of Nelson Mandela’s passing away, took me like an eclipse that occurred to the world. But as I struggled to recall ‘Madiba’s’ life and impact on humanity as a whole, I couldn’t hold but visualize this African legend as a symbol of Love & Compassion; Justice; Equality; Forgiveness; Freedom; Ubuntu; and above all PEACE to the entire human race. With such indelible ink left on all and sundry, I believe, Mandela’s physical presence on earth is no more, but his legacy lives and inspires all forever. A DIEU, MADIBA!!!’ Sakah Bernard

‘Nelson Mandela’s legacy will remain for ever not only across Africa but also across the globe. We hope African leaders will closely follow his path way to build their respective states accordingly! I commiserate with the bereaved family and South Africa as whole. May Our Madiba rest in total peace’ SABUSHIMIKE Gorgon

‘By your passing, humanity and wo/mankind has lost one of its best. Indeed Africa has lost its greatest son. An extra ordinary man, with extraordinary qualities. Your passage through earth has shown/taught us the triumph of human spirit. You were an embodiment of all. As a protester, you protested against injustice and oppression, thus becoming (if not) the greatest freedom fighter, the world has known. As a prisoner, you resisted all attempts to break you will/determination. While in prison, you exhibited courage, and fearlessness against all odds. As a president, you taught us that power can be relinquished freely, especially in a continent where sit tight presidents are the order of the day. As a peace maker, you taught forgiveness and peace. These are extra ordinary qualities found only in an extra ordinary person like you. May your soul rest in peace.’ C.V.Akuta

‘Sorry! My lovely teacher has passed away. He taught me how to struggle on the peace path.’ Abdikafi Osman Mohamud

‘He was an inspiration – a humble great leader. He will never be forgotten in history, not of just South Africa but in the world’ Nokwanda Langazana

‘Mandela was an icon that would never be forgotten in world history. I studied in South Africa, I know how he is respected. I wish African leaders would emulate him.’ Gava Kanadi

‘He lived to validate the statement that the best revenge is forgiveness. He was a symbol of unity, an exemplary leader who risked his life for the survival of many and an epitome of love.’ Oyewale Abioye (NAYD summit member)

‘We give thanks for his life, his leadership, his devotion to humanity and humanitarian causes. We salute our friend, colleague and comrade and thank him for his sacrifices for our freedom. The three charitable organisations that he created we dedicate ourselves to continue promoting his extraordinary legacy.’  Hamba Kahle Madiba (Nelson Mandela Foundation)

‘I am amazed by the courage, resilience, bravery, playfulness, character, hopefulness, long-suffering, leadership and incredible wisdom of the departed extraordinary statesman. He forgave his captors after a long and hard walk to freedom. Tata Madiba was colour blind – he didn’t see colour, race, sex or belief – he saw human being. He epitomises the values needed to make the world a peaceful and livable place. It’s now left for us to learn from the unique example he set and preserve his legacy by living in peace with one another. Naba na ndokwa! Lala ngokhuthula qawe lama qawe! Kupumzika kwa amani ! Rus in vrede! naba no ndokwa! Repose en paix! Rest in Peace Tata Madiba! Samuel Duru (NAYD summit member)

‘One of the very favourite quotes by Nelson Mandela: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  This is one of the inspirations in my life, to live selflessly and work for the happiness of others. He has passed, but his work lives on and should inspire us to work together and make a difference in the lives of others.’ James Gondwe (NAYD Publicity Officer) 

‘I have consistently followed the life and times of Madiba until his death. I have learnt so much from his life but most outstanding is that one should be ready to sacrifice their time, money and other resources even willing to die for a worthy course. His death is one of those which require a celebratory kind of mourning. We should not cry tears of pain but rejoice that God gave him strength to fulfill his purpose in life even to such a sweet old age. The best send off we can accord Madiba is to live true to his desires for a United Africa.’ Zablon Samba

‘He has left unparalleled legacy that young people have an opportunity to take after. I am lucky and thank God that I have a gift of life at a time that this great son of Africa lived and I hope his example in leadership and personal life will not depart from us for a long time to come. See you later Madiba.’ Eric Mwangi (NAYD Climate Change BLOGGER)

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