Tinashe Dirwal

Tinashe Lindel Dirwai is an open minded hard driver, convergent thinker, volunteer, and peer motivator, social entrepreneur with knowledge of web and software design. He volunteers with NAYD by designing debate web posters and participating in online debates. Tinashe has a strong belief that Africa is the global giant awakening from its slumber.

Tinashe strongly believes in dialogue, diversity and cooperation as such the world being one global village real change can be brought upon through cooperation and tolerance. Dialogue amongst the African youths facilitates the synergetic effect that will give a heavy momentum to the wind of positive change. Tinashe is also an active member of the Power of the word/Ngatitaure/Asikhulume (www.poweroftheword.org) a non-profit organisation that aims at giving an ear to the oppressed voice of Zimbabwean women and it also reaches out to aiding the under privileged in society. The organisation brings in a fresh way of encouraging critical thinking amongst the youth for development in all aspects of life.

Tinashe is also a member of the Civic Concepts group that partners with many African organisations, the group’s objective being promoting global citizenship. Tinashe co-founded WebStudio Zimbabwe, a company harnesses internet and technological advancements to the benefit of local Zimbabweans. The Company has a division that effects change in society, this division embarks on projects that serve to empower and uplift the nation of Zimbabwe through active engagement in life skills development, entrepreneurship and leadership training. He is set to graduate in June 2014 with a Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe and hopes to reach out and teach other African youths in embarking into agriculture which is Africa’s untapped goldmine.

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