Stephen Machua

Stephen Machua is a 23 years old Kenyan with wide experience in volunteerism and social media. He completed a Finance degree in April 2014. As the Co-Founder of Change Mind Change Future, a youth led NGO based in Kenya; he is able to directly empower young people socially and economically with the help of over 200 skilled volunteers and ambassadors in Zimbabwe and Nigeria.
He is currently serving in committees for various organizations namely; Volunteer Involving Organizations (VIO) Network, Masomo Africa, Environment Online (ENO) and Golden Rule (URI).

He initiated the African Youth Charter dialogues in Kenya as a monthly platform for knowledge sharing, skills harnessing and collaborations in the quest for practical solutions to Africa’s problems. The dialogues have been ongoing since November 2013.
In the past he served as a volunteer for the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) (2014), Rotaract Club President (2012/2013), Voluntary ambassador for Jamie Oliver Food Revolution (2012), organizing committee member for the first African Youth Charter Summit (2013), Organizing committee member for Umeclick Peace Campaign (2012/2013), University Student Leader (2011/2012) and Organizing committee member for the Rotary Family Health Day (2011).

His wish is to contribute immensely to development in Africa. He invests in youth and women leadership for sustainable development. He also believes that the tapping of talents at an early age will help realize a prosperous Africa. His life ambition is to become a world leading social entrepreneur and a lead advisor to Africa’s heads of states on youth matters. Video

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