Spotlighting Youth-led Initiatives


In one sentence what does Development Assistance Portal in the Middle East (DARPE) do? DARPE is an ultimate resource in the MENA Region to identify tenders and grants, build informed partnerships, design and deliver funded projects more competitively and effectively

Where is DARPE based? Where does it focus its work? Who are the people behind it? DARPE is based in Egypt. It focuses on the MENA Region, Sudan and South Sudan as well. It is served by a team of 6 young people.

 What is the motivation behind DARPE? We have found that companies go through a hectic process of finding business opportunities and sustaining their organizations.  DARPE is an added value for business development efforts; allows organizations not to miss business opportunities as published by donor agencies such as USAID, GIZ, World Bank, UNDP etc. DARPE is a one-stop-shop for companies, non-profit organizations and freelance consultants as well.

What do you hope to achieve through DARPE? We hope to serve clients all over the world. We would like our clients to grow more profitably and sustain their organizations through approaching new clients such as donor agencies, International Foundations and Arab Foundations.

How can people get involved with your organization? Subscribing to DARPE and adding the profile of their organizations and/or the profile of freelance experts and consultants working in MENA region.

Any success stories that you can share of organizations that have successfully used Darpe? One of our subscribers was able to secure a 5 year contract with USAID through DARPE. Another subscriber has established trust with a donor agency and continues to work with the agency.

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