Somalia – SOYVGA actions on SDGs September 2017 #Act4SDGs


September 25th, 2017 marked the second anniversary of SDGs.  SOYVGA’s SDG Action event took place in Mogadishu and Baidoa.

Here are the following steps we have initiated on behalf of ACT FOR SDGs event.

  • SDGs Goals printed and promoted by youth volunteers in the famous land mark called “The LIido Beach.”
  • Created a mobile voting booth in which we ask people to voice goals that are important to them. Handed out printed materials to local private school and streets.
  • Prepared a public statement during the meeting with the Somali Federal Government, in which one chosen civil society member read to the president and deputy prime minister. Speak Campaign for the freedom of Civil Society was combined by the meeting with the government officials in the presidential palace.
  • Organized a discussion meeting in Baidoa and Mogadishu with the public. Held an event which included kids, youth, women and elders.
  • Promoted and shared MY World Survey, and mobilized others to take the survey, by offering access to internet through SOYVGA’s staff mobile network and in the office.
  • Downloaded posters to promote and hand out the posters of MY World.
  • Broadcast of ACT4SDGs through twitter.
  • Participants sharing their own stories and SDGs progress (see event pics).
  • Local media was called during the meeting with the government; video was recorded, waiting for the release of it.
  • Joined the Thunderclap campaign on twitter, in which it is given permission to post to the SOYVGA account.


Prepared by Iman Addo


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