Raising awareness of the SDGs in Ivory Coast

The activity was held in Abidjan at the University Felix Houphouët Boigny of Cocody The main objective was to gather youths for them to reflect, exchange, and bring out solutions for implementing the SDGs. The organisers were NAYDSDGs Ivory Coast team, ONG ARSE, and Alliance Network for the SDGs from Ghana. The participants were split into groups who worked on at least five SDGs and facilitators were assigned to each group. Following group discussions and finding solutions the participants and their facilitators were invited to present the different recommendations found. This program raised awareness of the SDGs for the 40 participants.

The speakers on the video are as follows – the man in the blue shirt is Prince Yalley from Ghana, a member of Alliance Network for the SDGs. He speaks about how education and awareness constitute the tools we can use for advocacy of the SDGs. The man with the white shirt is Joshua Adzakpa from Ghana, the coordinator of the Alliance Network for the SDGs. He focused on showing how enhancing the education of the SDGs can help to empower young people. He also talks about the necessity to show the solutions the participants found to stakeholders in a communiqué. The lady is Jessie Lafoucarde from France but lives in Ivory Coast. She is a member of the #NAYDSDGs Ivory Coast team and founder of Tazenu. She stresses that the activity has allowed delegates to find out about the challenges our communities are facing and how the SDGs constitute a great opportunity to fix this challenges. The man in the yellow t-shirt is Adou Frederic, team lead of the #NAYDSDGs Ivory Coast team. He talks about the strength youths have to create change, and is appealing to all the participants to get these solutions implemented in their own ways in their different communities.


Frederic Adou

#NAYDSDGs Ivory Coast

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