Paul Shaw

Paul Shaw has been active with NAYD since it started in March 2007. Pochi Tamba, NAYD’s founder, sowed the seeds then of ‘holding hands’ and ‘together is better’ – she recognised that it was only through co-operation and collaboration that African Youth could help solve the continent’s and humanity’s urgent problems. What we now have in NAYD are thousands of people sharing their community activities, ideas and opportunities for the betterment of the continent. NAYD’s success has been its members’ belief that Africa has a sustainable future if we work together – NAYD simply provides the platform for that development. For this process to work there has to be a great degree of individual selflessness, for there is no immediate personal advantage. Our members’ vision of a sustainable, united Africa is more important to them than their individual gain.

Paul has worked in multi-cultural environments, managed large teams, often in harsh conditions, and familiar with meeting tight timescales to budget. His key skills include; practical common sense; honesty and integrity; energy and enthusiasm; an ability to listen, understand and communicate with different nationalities and cultures; an open mind; a lot of patience; a competence to find collaborative solutions in complex working environments. He has Chaired a Scottish Registered Charity (Waterforall Africa) and worked with Glasgow University to assess the water resource potential of the Mulanje Massif in Malawi. He is currently a trustee with The Small Things Nkoaranga Orphanage.

He believes communication is key in any business, not just in the sense of getting messages across but also with regard to knowledge sharing. Critical to effective communication is the development of trust. As a consultant you have to respect that trust. It is the most important part of business management. Without it the communication process will not be effective. An open, trusting environment encourages creativity and risk taking – an important part of the life long learning process.

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