Pader Orphans Caring Project (POCP) – Uganda

POCP is local non-profit making organization registered in Uganda and started by Akena Richard who was a former child soldier. It is found in Acholibur sub-county, Pader district bordering Kitgum District from the south in Northern Uganda.



Pader orphans caring project is committed to restoring Hope, Healing and Rehabilitation into the lives of former child soldiers, street kids, disability, elders and orphaned by the AIDS epidemic and the brutal LRA war. Our desire is to see a region rise up again on the foundations of hope and love rather than remain oppressed by fear and destruction. Pader Orphans Caring Project seeks to save the lives of orphaned and abandoned children throughout the war-torn region.
When I returned to Northern Uganda I experienced a level of pain and heartbreak that shook me to my core seeing people suffering with their children. I met traumatized children who showed no emotion. A six year old boy who had his face set on fire because he was of no use to the rebels. Youth forced to kill and eat their own parents. Richard Akena who is truly an angel on earth. Abducted by the LRA, he was brutally tortured and forced to kill daily. The LRA killed his entire family. It was only by the grace of God that Richard escaped. Richard is now fighting to rescue the orphans so hurt by the war.
Slowly the rebuilding of the North is taking place, the infrastructure is being rebuild at a snails’ pace, Richard Akena is happy about that but his struggle is a bit different, his mission in life is rebuilding the lives of children who have suffered so deeply during the war years, whose hearts still tremble with fear as night comes, whose faces show the emotional scars within, some of the children show the visible scars of war such as lips, ears, noses chopped off by machetes which were wielded for the most part by child soldiers. Children, but children whose heart and souls were removed by the LRA through brain washing, instilling fear in the abducted children and its ruthless, demonically led and inspired master Joseph Kony who took children from their homes, families, villages and made them into monsters such as Uganda had never seen. Children who in cold blood killed members of their own family, their own clans and their own tribe – the abducted children turned into killers, like zombies.
Our Vision is a society in which vulnerable people are empowered to achieve their potential and contribute to the development of the community.
Our Mission is to Restore Hope and Transforming lives of orphans,disabled person,elderly and OVC people in Northern Uganda.Provision of quality and appropriate education to generate a productive and self reliant children from war torn area.

Pader Orphans Caring Project
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