Lead Eritrea is an international initiative led by young people focusing on international affairs and the welfare of young people in Eritrea and abroad. Since 2001 a growing number of youth in Eritrea find themselves in exodus due to factors such as indefinite national service, closure of the only existing university- Asmara University and luck of freedom. The current government has done little to empower, motivate and pass the baton of leadership to youth. This is a great concern to the development, sustainability and the future of the nation.

Lead Eritrea was created to empower young Eritreans to take up leadership roles by sending them to attend international events and mentoring them. Secondly, Lead Eritrea operates as a non-partisan and works in bringing Eritrean groups together to discuss, address issues, minimize intergenerational gaps and find solutions to challenges facing Eritrea. Besides creating a strong cohesion among the people, these activities help promote the realization of the SDGs.

The initiative envisions a community that involves all people collaborating in developing their country as well as a community in which youth have the opportunity to build leadership skills and take up leadership roles.

Current projects:

  • Youth motivation and community building
  • We are planning a conference themed Bringing our community together by finding a common ground
  • Help and support program for new refugees.


  • Sent eight youth to speak at six international events between 2012 to 2017
  • Held a full day conference titled, Eritrea at 25, Human Rights, Migration and the Route to Democracy at the University of San Francisco in 2016.
  • Co-sponsored several events

    Meron Semedar, director Lead Eritrea


  • Lack of funding
  • It is not possible to operate inside Eritrea


 Meron Semedar, director Lead Eritrea | meron.semedar@gmail.com | Lead Eritrea Facebook

(all pictures courtesy of Meron Semedar)