Youth Intercommunity Network is a youth led development network committed to the establishment of

just and sustainable communities. The initiative takes cognizance of the fact that the pace of change

and development in any community will be determined by the local communities in all their diversity and

capacity for bold and imaginative thinking and their determination in support of their own development.

It is our conviction that an effective development strategy is best delivered through community led

initiatives and draws upon the diverse experience of local communities. Youth Intercommunity Network

functions to foster both youth led community and inter-community learning as an avenue of transfer of

knowledge and skills towards positive change at all levels. Through a diverse range of implementation

strategies, Youth Intercommunity Network provides communities with a platform to identify and address

their problems through youth-led action.

We believe that young people have profound ability to effect and adapt to positive change. As such,

they represent a community’s great hope for innovation and prosperity. That’s why our youth, in spite of

the present difficulties, must regain confidence in their capacity to face obstacles and lead their

communities to a new dawn where the aspirations of their people are translated into action.

Viewing through YIN lens we note most current policies and service delivery for youth begin with the

assumption that young people are a problem to be fixed. Our experience points to the need for

inclusive opportunities and environments that support and nurture young people as social assets.

Some of YIN Projects

  1. Energy technologies dissemination in Ruiru District(December 2008 to date)

Youth Intercommunity Network received a local subsidy from the GTZ Stove programme to assist

the group in the dissemination of energy saving technologies in Ruiru District. YIN with the

assistance of the ground coordinators are working towards achieving a target of 3,000 stoves

corresponding to the same number of households. The project team is already on the ground where

already we have finalized on the mapping, mobilization of women groups, and sensitization on the

energy saving components. Currently the groups are been supplied with the stoves where after

installation training and consumer education will be done.

  1. Baking Oven Project: In 2006 Youth Intercommunity Network in partnership with the GTZ PSDA

constructed a rocket baking oven for youth groups in Ciicu village of Kandara division, Muranga

South District. The main aim is to provide a source of income for the many unemployed youth in the

district. The youth bake using the oven where the proceedings are used for the development of the

members/local youths welfare. Previous this youth were in involved in illegal cults and village


  1. Resource Centre Project: The Resource centre provides a wide range of products and services

targeting the youth and the youth serving entities. There is the cyber component, library,

consultancy services, reprographic services, communication facilities, and boardroom. Expansion of

this facility will improve and create more opportunities for every young persons within Thika District.

  1. Promotion of Energy Saving Technologies: Our group provides for sale energy saving stoves

(jiko kisasa) to any willing buyers. We have trained Biogas construction technicians who are hired to

do biogas plants for clients as well as maintenance work. YIN is exploiting other energy

development enterprises to widen the scope of the youth willing to invest in this sector. We are

trying out on the other diverse RETs like Bio-diesel, Wind and solar

Youth Intercommunity Network worked out collaboration with the Thika GK Prison and GTZ PSDA

where we have trained youth inmates in metalclading of energy stoves. We seek partners to revive

the dormant Prison clay-works industry in Thika, to commence production of energy saving liners to

supply the needs of the local community and the non-focal regions.

  1. Tree planting project: YIN is involved in tree planting activities within the local primary schools and

forests. Lately, we mobilized youths to plant trees within the Ruiru Prisons Staff training College ,

this will assist the institution to raise woodlots for their fuelwood needs.

  1. HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Projects: HIV/AIDS is crosscutting in all YIN Programmes

and projects. We ensure the component on the HIV/AIDS is well covered in all our activities. We

also distribute IEC materials on the topic.YIN through the collaboration with the Ministry of Youth

Affairs & Sports distributes condoms to the interested youths such like the Makangas. More projects

are being sought and developed.


Contact Information

THIKA TOWN, General Kago Road, Moi Gardens-Opposite Bank of Africa

E-mail Address

Contact Person: Wycliffe Edger, National Coordinator

Youth Intercommunity Network is registered under Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social


Services-Thika District, registration Number DSS/TKA/YG/06/004, serial number 10527.