NAYD’s vision is to help make Africa a safer and more developed place for all, including women and children of all ages through the joint efforts of youths. To achieve this we will:-

  • Promote and encourage the work done by Young Africans in effecting positive change on the continent.
  • Facilitate exchange between youths involved in development, by creating a network of exchange.
  • Further the networks formed by and for Young Africans for the development of the continent.
  • Promote recognition of, mobilize and enhance the capacity of Young Africans internationally and provide them with leadership skills to take action against poverty.

NAYD works with associations and groups of youths across the African continent and beyond to educate, inform and inspire others to use their power, privilege, skills and abilities to create a better world for current and future generations.

A NAYD Country Co-ordinator is the link between NAYD and the youth leaders of a specific country. All NAYD officials, including CC’s, work on a voluntary basis and the primary focus is on enlarging the Network.

As a Country Co-ordinator your task includes the following :

– Invite and involve youth leaders in your country to the NAYD network.

– Send articles, essays, and pictures on the activities of youth leaders involved in community development including for profit small sustainable enterprises that employ people locally.
–  Attend NAYD on-line meetings when held.
To be a Country Co-ordinator you must:

– be 18-30 years old

– be of African descent and currently living in Africa

– demonstrate commitment to making an impact in your community

– have a traceable record in development activism

– commit to attending all meetings

The role is for one year. Although this role is voluntary, NAYD believes that your efforts to sustainably improve your country and the African continent’s development through engagement with and widening the network of youth-led organisations in your country will bring considerable long term benefits. You will get experience working with a youth network, get to build skills through training, and be part of the leadership of a Pan-African youth network. You will also be supported with letters of recommendations if requested and to attend NAYD workshops when and if funds permit.

If you are interested please send your name, email, country and a short paragraph of why you should be elected and what you will hope to achieve in the year to by December 6th 2017. Elections will be held from December 9th for one week and winners announced shortly after. Your position will start Jan 1st 2018.

More information about NAYD at

Good luck and thank you!