May 2018: Org of the Month

Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative




YESI-Africa was started, and registered with the Kasese District Development Network (KADEDE-NET) an umbrella body for voluntary associations in Uganda, in 2010 as a community based youth-led organization by a group of youth in rural Uganda. YESI-Africa was started in response to challenges facing youth and children in rural areas. It empowers the rural youth and children by focusing on education, income generating projects, and reproductive health.

YESI-Africa aims to tackle the challenges that most affect the youth and children with most practical solutions.

a community leader facilitates a discussion with students in Kasese Municipality

YESI-Africa envisions a community that is safe for youth and children to explore the various opportunities available to them. To reach this goal, the organization works at the grassroots level with young people and other members of the community. This important community work is guided by these four core principles: Team work, Respect, Commitment and Volunteerism.

YESI-Africa recognizes the value of collaboration in development and is therefore in partnership with the following organizations:

  • Kasese District Development Network (KADDE NET)
  • Development Network for Indigenous Voluntary Associations ( DENIVA)
  • Network for African Youth for Development (NAYD)

Target Population

Rural youth in Uganda are the direct beneficiaries in this organization particularly young girls and children. These rural youth benefit from vocational training, and modern agricultural practices. Indirect beneficiaries include family members of the participants and their neighbours who benefit from agricultural produce and as well as through children’s education.


  • To initiate income generating projects that enhance sustainability
  • To end all forms of violence against children
  • To promote girl child education
  • To end teenage pregnancies and early child marriages
  • To improve family and community nutrition

Focus Areas:

Young mothers learning hair dressing skills
  • Adolescent reproductive health
  • Skills development
  • Income generating activities
  • Human Rights
  • Governance
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable agriculture

To meet the above objectives in the focus areas, YESI-Africa:

  • Organizes meetings with youth in rural areas to address issues such as pollution, HIV/AIDS, children’s rights and health.
  • Creates awareness on government programs
  • Trains youth in income generating activities
  • Conducts disaster Preparedness activities in the coastal area


Uganda has not been able to meet its youth’s employment needs. There are also challenges in education especially among teenage girls who are at high risk of dropping out of school due to such causes as early pregnancies. This ultimately contributes to a low socioeconomic status for girls. There is also an alarming number of children living in the streets.


(all pictures courtesy of YESI-Africa)

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