International Day of the Girl 
Centre for Livelihoods and Support to Sustainable Development (CLISSD) an NGO in Cameroon joined the world and organizations like the UN GirlUp, Action15, Milkway Ambassador to mark the International Day of the Girl on Sunday October the 11th. The theme this year was The Power of the Adolescent Girls: Vision 2030. 

They had activities that involved:

  • Online Girl Hero Dialogue on Social Media
  • SMS Conversation promoting girl health, education and rights.
  • Dialogue in schools, spreading global goals and creating awareness with a focus on Goal 5
  • Whatsapp conversations educating girls on menstrual cycle, ovulation calculator, hygiene during menses and sexually transmitted diseases.

Through these organizations, CLISSD was able to reach thousands of youths, empower many girls while celebrating My Girl Heros in Cameroon and across the globe.

You can follow future activities by CLISSD though their social media here