Letter from the Editor (March/April 2012)

Since its official launch in 2007 INSPIRE Newsletter has gone through tough and good times in bringing the African Youth development efforts and struggle for change, the advancement of youth and basic human rights in the front line media with thanks to Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Personally, I am more than elated to have joined INSPIRE Newsletter Editorial Desk from its second edition and today I am still here working hard with strong back office (behind the scenes) support from invisible faces. Albeit the many the times when I almost step down or withdraw working on INSPIRE, I have been encouraged to continue working because of you the ever ardent reader. Your unceasing commends every time gives an inspiration and strong motivation for me. I thank you.

I like you to send your opinions and comments on what you think about INSPIRE NEWSLETTER since you started reading it. Please try to be very objective in your comments (exclude flattery).  From our next edition henceforth, we will publish a column christened “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR”. Do enjoy reading this very interesting 48th Edition of our Newsletter. ■

Christian Phuebong Tabifor


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