July 2017: NGO of the Month

Community Development Centre (CDC-Uganda)

Community Development Centre (CDC), based in Uganda but working in both Uganda and South Sudan, is a non-profit and non-governmental community based organization. It was founded in January 2014 by youth with a civic endeavor to advocate for the needs of indigenous communities and establish platforms for community development.

The organization works to promote cultural, social and sustainable human development; building community links and addressing the poor economic, health and high rates of unemployment resulting from illiteracy and marginalization of communities. CDC does this through community development initiatives, creating awareness of community needs and through empowerment programs. Further, CDC envisions stronger communities that are well informed, peaceful, healthy and empowered.

Current Projects

#defyhatenow is an urgent community peace building, training and conflict reconciliation project to strengthen


voices and support civic actions of peace to combat and mitigate online hate speech and social-media-incited violence in South Sudan. One of the initiatives by CDC for #defyhatenow is #PeaceVillage. This is a media education and hate speech mitigation program to transform war mongering media platforms to peace building and to give people the necessary knowledge to speak up, educate others and to share responsibly – learn the ethics they should employ in conveying sensitive information. Through this program CDC has trained 150 trainers of trainees in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, and reached over 2000 Youth, community members and social media users through its events.

Healing & Reconciliation Session

The Trauma Healing and Reconciliation intervention Program is a project by CDC in Refugee camps in Uganda to give physiological support to the South Sudanese refugee communities. It also provides a platform for peace building and reconciliation. CDC, through this program, gives special attention to women refugees to enable them to actively take part in the reconciliation process.

#RhinoTalks is a gathering of different stakeholders from South Sudanese NGOs in Uganda, journalists and refugee


settlements leaders with the aim of sharing and developing strategies to mitigate hate rhetoric among south Sudanese asylum seeking communities in Uganda. The talks evaluate the direct and indirect effects of hate speech on the peaceful coexistence of the multicultural and ethnically diversified South Sudanese refugee communities both in settlement camps and in urban areas.


  • Lack of proper transport means to facilitate programs and activities.
  • Unstable and insufficient power supply.
  • Insufficient funding for community development programs.

Find out more about CDC via Facebook  & Twitter. To see how you can partner with CDC email the director, Jaiksana A. Jose, at cdcsouthsudan@gmail.com and gocdc.africa@gmail.com.


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