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This guide takes you through, step-by-step, exactly how you can plan, run and complete a successful project in your community. We want you to use this toolkit to take action – in whatever form that might be.The following summaries have been taken from the ‘Actiontoolkit’ produced at the 2005 World Youth Congress, with kind permission of Peace Child International. Full copy available here. Click on each objective below for the full text version.

1 Preparation
You know you want to do something and you have an idea in your head about what that might be. Before you do anything else, you need to develop three things to turn that idea into a reality:

Identify a need
Make a plan
Writing a proposal

2 Take action
You have done your research, identified the needs and planned a project to tackle that need. Now it is time for the fun part – time to take action! Just keep a few things in mind to keep your project on track. The main skill you need to learn to become a successful leader of your project is “project management.” No matter what career you choose to pursue in later life, project management will always be an invaluable skill to possess. The main components of project management are:

Sourcing the resources
Legal issues
People management
Time and goal management
Financial management

3 Follow up and reporting

Your project is coming to a close, but it is not quite time to relax! Follow-up is vital to achieving success in the field of YLD. And whilst you will traditionally write your evaluation at the end of your project, it is extremely important for each project manager to think about the evaluation and reporting part of the project at every stage:

Evaluation and general reports
Media reports

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