Grace Mageka talks about the 4th EU-Africa Summit (2014) and the 1st Euro African Youth Parliament Berlin, 2014

The 4th EU-Africa Summit that took place in Brussels on 2-3 April 2014. That brought together African and EU leaders, as well as the leaders of EU and African Union institutions. Discussions at the summit focussed on the theme “Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace”.

Topics will include education and training, women and youth, legal and illegal migrant flows between both continents, ways to stimulate growth and create jobs, investing in peace and ways to enhance EU support for African capacities to manage security on the continent. Previous summits took place in Cairo (2000), Lisbon (2007) and Tripoli (2010). The 2014 summit was an opportunity to take a fresh look at the EU-Africa partnership, to highlight some of the results that have been achieved, and to explore areas for future cooperation.

This happened as young people from Europe and Africa met for the 1st Euro African youth parliament at Berlin, Germany as from 27th march to 4th April 2014. Which was organized by the head organizers namely Jacob Duringer of Schwarzkopf foundation , Douglas quartey of youth bridge foundation, Maximillian  Kiehn, Jonathan Engel and the international office of European Youth Parliament and  supported by German federal ministry for Economic cooperation and development under GIZ’s programme, commitment for Africa. The  first  ever Euro African youth parliament and of its kind, the aim was to discuss political issues relevant for and beyond the Euro African Youth Parliament context and how we can improve the relations between AU and EU. So after spending like one week discussing the researched topics on key terms, relevance and explanation of the problem with key questions. we were able to focus the political steps to problems in eight different global relevant topics in the 8 committees such as (1)Industry, research and energy {I &ii} (2) foreign affairs(3)Environment, public health and food safety(4) Culture and education(5)Agriculture and rural affairs(6)constitutional affairs (7) Human rights, Whereby we came up with facts ,aims, solutions and recommendations and later came up with a resolution booklet, which we went to the general assembly of House of representatives of the federal government of Germany for motions from different proposing committees whereby the motions and debates were led by the president session James Benge from UK and vice president Nelson Madiba Amo from Accra, Ghana, Trust you me.

It was an inspiring environment with positive minded young leaders from Europe and Africa that EU and AU  relations will be better as we were encouraged by Honourable minister for the youths and sports in the republic of Ghana Mr Elvis Afriyie Ankrah that the success requires a lot of hard work in whatever you are doing and it is a long journey and if we are not successful today we should not give up instead try to apply another method to try to overcome our limits and begin of developments and political participation, finally that tomorrow leaders in various sectors, diplomats of tomorrow, members of parliament, EU and AU commissioners, presidents in various countries both in Europe and Africa ,ministers like him.

The experience in Berlin, Germany the part of the world and not the city was really amazing for example the Berlin City Tour, Berlin wall, The East side Gallery, concert night, cultural programmes for instance food, dance and how talents are treasured especially drawing and many of my expectations were met to my satisfactions and with different experiences the different nationalities over 51 nationalities.

I am not ashamed to say I am humbled to be part of the delegates in the Euro African youth parliament berlin, 2014 and the only Kenyan delegate. It was an inspiring environment especially in the general assembly where most young people would wish to be but this is not an end there are more opportunities once you have a global mind set, take the initiative and always have interest in whatever you doing.

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