Fishers Union Organisation, TANZANIA

FUO was established by small scale fishers in 21st July 2005 as a Civil Society Organization to help in safeguarding and promoting the interests of fishers. The organization registration operates in all regions of Tanzania Mainland. It is a non-profit and not affiliated to either political nor religious body or institution.

FUO’s primary mission is to protect children and fishers’ rights, to reduce the rate and epidemics of infectious diseases (HIV, malaria, etc.), provide educational support to vulnerable children in fishing communities, advocate for good governance practices, and promote gender , social and economic development.

Over the past several years FUO has participated in the following health, environmental, and education support issues.

> HIV / AIDS prevalence research in the fishing community in collaboration with TANESA.
> HIV/ AIDS, Malaria and epidemic diseases prevention to youth through Sports and Games promotion in collaboration with PSI-Tanzania
> Condom promotion in fishing communities in Sengerema District
> Peer Educators training in collaborating with ADRA
> Participating in HIV reduction work place program in collaborating with
> Participating in good governance project such as Social accountability monitoring- SAM and Public expenditure trucking- PETS
> In collaboration with Sengerema District council in planning how to serve the vulnerable children.

We see collaboration and networking as key to the success of our activities. For instance, we have collaborated with Tanzania Aids Commission on HIV/AIDS – documentation on effects, risky behaviours, social awareness on HIV/ AIDS information. Other organisations include CADA, Huruma Women Group, Tanzania Fishers Union, Nyanza Social Economic Development Association, Ministry of Water, Lake Victoria Basin Commission, East African Watch Network, Policy Forum

Financial and Material Support needed

We need financial and material support in order to overcome many challenges in our fishing communities to make them safe and sustainable for future generations. The following areas needs immediate measures
1. Sex-workers
2. Drug abuse (IDU)
3. Homo sexual (Men to Men Sex)
4. Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)
5 Environmental conservation.
6. Rescue program in Lake Victoria.
7. Constructing Vocation center for Fishing Farms
8. Establishment of health care centers for women and children living with HIV.

We hope our request will be considered and thank you in advance.

FUO are located at Mlimani Street. Plot No 106 A III, PO BOX 2969, MWANZA, TANZANIA. email: fishersunion@gmail.comContacts:- Juvenary E.A Matagili,Chair, Mob +255755876335/ +255784876335 and Angelo Mutimba, Principal Field Officer, Mob +255767430430 

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