December 2018: Org of the Month

SAAB Development and Social Organization (SADSO)


SADSO is a non-profit and non-governmental organization operating in Central and Southern Somalia. It offers humanitarian and social development programs to poor communities in Somalia. The organization provides technical, educational and material assistance to vulnerable communities.

SADSO was established in 2011 and registered in legal status as a LNGO. Since then, SADSO has become one of the most active organizations working in the neediest and conflicted areas in the region. The population in this region is highly mobile primarily due to nomadic life styles, food shortages and clan warfare. Consequently, Somalia is believed to be amongst the poorest countries in the world. SADSO works in context and in response to the issues mentioned above coupled with difficult circumstances that face minority groups.

SADSO particularly targets the most vulnerable members of the society mainly women and children. It focuses on the following areas: WASH, Health, Livelihood, Education, Skills Development, Human Rights, and HIV/AIDs. SADSO also advocates for women and youth empowerment through civic education, skills development, intensive employment and income generation activities (IGA). To achieve its vision in Somalia, SADSO works directly with members of the community to identify their needs and find appropriate solutions.

Our work in the community is made possible by our extensive working experience, technical expertise, collaboration and credibility with communities. We constantly promote community participation in project planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation in order to improve accountability, transparency and sustainability in our work.


SADSO aims to strengthen the capacity of Somali Communities in all sectors mainly in livelihood, human rights protection, and social mobilization. We advocate for equal opportunities in education, health care, agriculture and livestock for marginalized groups as a means to a peaceful environment that enables development to thrive.


SADSO is inspired by the vision of a strong and vibrant society, in which a culture of accountability is firmly entrenched, and the rights of every citizen are respected and protected, therefore, all citizens acknowledge their responsibilities and endeavour to fulfill these expectations.


  • To advocate for human rights and protection for vulnerable people including IDPs and Refugee
  • To enhance access to health care services for vulnerable households in urban and rural areas in South Central Somalia
  • To promote sustainable and low cost WASH interventions in rural and urban settlements
  • To encourage sustainable agricultural/livestock production technologies ensuring improved food security and reduction of food aid dependency in Somalia

Health Project

This project promotes quality health services in Bay Bakol. SADSO has stepped in to address the poor public health facilities that resulted from civil wars.  In consultation with health service providers such as WHO and UNICEF, SADSO established a health facility in Daynile district which was among the districts that were adversely affected during the war. The health facility provides midwifery services for women, treats minor wounds, provides polio and measles vaccines to children, and HIV /AIDS services to all the community members.

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