Change Makers Club Int’l (C.M.C. Int’l) is one of the African’s Life Changing Youth Led Organization involved in Youth Development. We are geared towards building and promoting young people that will be involved in social change. We are posed in giving solution s to various issues faced by the youths, through seminars, workshops, conferences, campaigns, scholarships and general motivations. It was established in 2011 out of the passion for the young people in our society. C.M.C. Int’l operates from Abakaliki in Ebonyi State of Nigeria, reaching out to 400,000 youths across the globe annually through our online and offline projects. In C.M.C. Int’l, we believed that, “there is nothing good unless you do it or help in doing it”.


1. Career Choice Seminar: This is our outreach program to the secondary schools where we are posed in teaching the young people the right and effective ways of choosing their careers and other strategic steps of making it successful in the academic sector. In this project, writing materials such as notebooks, chalks, pencils, pen etc are given to the participating students free of charge. This project is also geared in sending some of our volunteers to organize extra moral lessons for the students during the holidays, thereby teaching them the subjects that they find difficult to cope with. C.M.C. Int’l use this project to give the best participatory students scholarship to enroll in their major exams like JAMB-UTME, WAEC and NECO.
Career Choice Seminar
The Team and the Winners of our Scholarship
2. Academic Seminar: This project is for the higher students in the higher institutions like the universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, were various issues like carry-overs, examination malpractice, cultism etc are addressed. Over the years, this project has helped many students positively, thereby graduating successfully.
3. Youth Transformation Summit: This is a project mapped out in order to address issues outside the academic sector, that affect the youths. Various issues in democracy, entrepreneurship, security are well addressed here. Various campaigns are carried out in this project. Some of the implemented projects in this category include:-
a. Democracy Awareness Workshop tagged, “I Voted, Now Wetin”: This is aimed at teaching the young people the ways of engaging their elected leaders to fulfill their campaign promises.
b. Youth Transformation Summit/Campaign: This Campaign, tagged: “You are the Change Nigeria Need Today”, “I still Believe in Nigeria” is aimed at teaching the youths the effective ways of contributing their quotas positively in nation building.
One of our Transformation Summits
4. Ignite Change Youth Project: This project is geared in building, developing and promoting young people that will implement various youth projects in their different communities in Nigeria. The categories of this project include:
a. Democracy and Good Governance,
b. Education and Literacy Development,
c. Youth, Media and ICT Development,
d. Sustainable Environment,
e. Leadership and Value Orientation,
f. Youth Entrepreneurial Development.
After the implementation of these youth projects, our Projects Review Committee review and evaluate all the projects, and the best 6 projects selected and the winners are presented with certificates, plagues, and various gift items while the non-winners are presented with certificates of participation in the projects and other items.
A Winner of our Ignite Change Projects
5. Youth Transformation Concert, tagged: “The Enterprise Spirit!” This projects is aimed at teaching the youths the power of ideas and on how to develop the entrepreneur spirit. Various youth opportunities that the youths can be engaged in and make them financial independent are showcased in this project.
We therefore call on other youth organizations and other supporters, partners and funders who share the same vision and mission with us to identify with us by supporting this vision, so as to help us in spreading this message of change more.
Remember, “There is Nothing Good, Unless You Do It or Help in Doing IT”