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Africa is a continent that is speedily on the rise. Much of its dark years were spent not just under leaders that lacked vision but under the watchful eyes of a docile population.Now development is taking over the entire continent; from Nigeria to Kenya, Tunisia to Zimbabwe the buzz is easily felt across the world.The [...]


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By Judyannet Muchiri, NAYD Social Media Editor When 147 young people die in a single day there is a problem. When these people are shot to their deaths there is an even bigger problem. This is what happened in Garissa University College where militants broke into the university and injured and killed students. To start [...]

Fishers Union Organisation, TANZANIA

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FUO was established by small scale fishers in 21st July 2005 as a Civil Society Organization to help in safeguarding and promoting the interests of fishers. The organization registration operates in all regions of Tanzania Mainland. It is a non-profit and not affiliated to either political nor religious body or institution. FUO’s primary mission is [...]

Yvette Ampaire from Uganda argues that Agriculture is NOT too dirty

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In fact its fun, and you can make lots of money from it. Listen to the why and how from Yvette, currently the Program Officer of the Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmer's Forum Uganda (ESAFF Uganda), a farmer led organization

Agriculture – too dirty to be cool?

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Have you considered going into agribusiness? With world food shortages predicted in the not too distant future the potential for agriculture becoming a profitable sustainable business is enormous, yet African youth are not interested.  What can be done to help change their minds? James Gondwe, NAYD's publicity officer and youth activist in Malawi answers [...]

Grace Mageka talks about the 4th EU-Africa Summit (2014) and the 1st Euro African Youth Parliament Berlin, 2014

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The 4th EU-Africa Summit that took place in Brussels on 2-3 April 2014. That brought together African and EU leaders, as well as the leaders of EU and African Union institutions. Discussions at the summit focussed on the theme "Investing in People, Prosperity and Peace". Topics will include education and training, women and youth, legal [...]

Tributes from African Youth for Madiba

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Whilst we mourn the death of a great African leader we also celebrate his life. Below are tributes from African Youth whose lives have been touched by him. 'Mandela touched the Royals and Commoners alike and the world will surely feel a big void in his passing on. I join NAYD to wish you fare [...]

NAYD – AIDS Information: A Young Positive’s story Job Seeking:

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NAYD - AIDS Information: A Young Positive’s story Job Seeking:: With all the daily findings, living with HIV has been simplified each day but some aspects that are given lesser attention are still a hind...

Life Skills Oasis Kenya

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  Life Skills Oasis Kenya is a community based group that seeks to empower children and young people living in the slums and on the streets with basic survival skills. We mentor children and ensure they remain in school and take those in the streets back to school. Young people are encouraged to start alternative [...]

Voice Africa’s Future Programme launched in Uganda

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On Wednesday 6th March 2013, the Uganda Voice Africa’s future Team launched the continent-wide youth led initiative at Makerere University Business School. Thanks to the Makerere University United Nations Association of Uganda Chapter Which hosted the emphatic event. At the event, the local SMS code and number was also launched. If you are 35 years and [...]