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To my opnuion Uganda would much benefit fom the SDG by prioritising quality health services for all , here most women and children die of common diseases that are even treateable like malaria and mothers die during dlivery and others during the course of pregnancy , i would advocate for women and children to be [...]

#NAYDSDGs: Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in rural…

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#NAYDSDGs: Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in rural...: The UN recognise that one of the biggest challenges to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be bringin...


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Posted by MOJEDEC NIGER at 22:58 No comments: My  name is Wilhelmina Tameca Gaoses from Namibia.  Representing Namibia on the SDGs journey of attainment.  Seeing myself as a agent of change.  I would like to use my role to create a hub of youth leaders in Namibia and Africa to use actions and [...]

US President – Barack Obama’s Impact on African Youth

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In July 2015, US President Barack Obama became the first sitting President to visit the Horn of Africa, as well as Kenya, his father's place of birth. Obama was also the first US President to speak to the African Union at its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During his visit to Africa, the President met [...]

‘ African Youths are not interested in actively engaging in the development process of Africa ‘

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Africa is a continent that is speedily on the rise. Much of its dark years were spent not just under leaders that lacked vision but under the watchful eyes of a docile population.Now development is taking over the entire continent; from Nigeria to Kenya, Tunisia to Zimbabwe the buzz is easily felt across the world.The [...]


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By Judyannet Muchiri, NAYD Social Media Editor When 147 young people die in a single day there is a problem. When these people are shot to their deaths there is an even bigger problem. This is what happened in Garissa University College where militants broke into the university and injured and killed students. To start [...]

Fishers Union Organisation, TANZANIA

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FUO was established by small scale fishers in 21st July 2005 as a Civil Society Organization to help in safeguarding and promoting the interests of fishers. The organization registration operates in all regions of Tanzania Mainland. It is a non-profit and not affiliated to either political nor religious body or institution. FUO’s primary mission is [...]

Yvette Ampaire from Uganda argues that Agriculture is NOT too dirty

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In fact its fun, and you can make lots of money from it. Listen to the why and how from Yvette, currently the Program Officer of the Eastern and Southern Africa Small Scale Farmer's Forum Uganda (ESAFF Uganda), a farmer led organization

Agriculture – too dirty to be cool?

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Have you considered going into agribusiness? With world food shortages predicted in the not too distant future the potential for agriculture becoming a profitable sustainable business is enormous, yet African youth are not interested.  What can be done to help change their minds? James Gondwe, NAYD's publicity officer and youth activist in Malawi answers [...]