June 2017: NGO of the Month

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BIG STEPS OUTREACH NETWORK (BONET), CAMEROON BONET was founded in 2010 and later registered in 2011 as a non-profit, youth-led organization committed to the fight against marginalization, inequality, HIV/AIDS and other STIs in Cameroon. The association provides a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of youths in Cameroon and beyond by enhancing and  promoting opportunities to [...]

May 2017: NGO of the Month

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Youth of Agro-Marine Development Association (YAMDA), Somalia Based in Merka, Somalia, YAMDA was established in January, 2014. It targets communities in Lower Shebelle, Bay, Bakool, and Banadir Regions. To promote community development, YAMDA focuses on such areas as agriculture and coastal line development, vocational training and capacity building, education, health and sanitation among others. YAMDA’s vision [...]

March 2017: NGO of the Month

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Drylands Development Initiative Karamoja, Uganda Drylands Development Initiative (DDI Uganda) is a community-based organization formed in 2016 and working in Kaabong District of North Karamoja. It operates in this area in collaboration with local and regional organizations.   Livelihoods Based Workshops and Training DDI Uganda is on a mission to reduce poverty and conflict by [...]

February 2017: NGO of the Month

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The Development and Humanitarian Aid Foundation (ENSAN Aid) Egypt ENSAN Aid is a non-profit organization based in Egypt working in Qena, Sohag and Aswan. ENSAN, which means human being in Arabic, was founded in 2014 to promote the empowerment of youth, women, girls and children who are mostly in need.   Entrepreneurship Training ENSAN Aid [...]

Hope Land Congo

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  Introduction Hope Land Congo, HLC en sigle, est une association sans but lucratif qui œuvre pour faire de la République Démocratique du Congo, « un Congo Terre d’Espoir ». Vu son immense grandeur ; ses valeurs ; ses ressources et sa population, la RDC est un pays à la forme d’un continent qui voit ses espoirs s’envoler suite [...]

January 2017: NGO of the Month

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Center for Livelihood Development Africa (CELDA) The Center for Livelihood Development Africa (CELDA) is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization currently working in Kenya in the following regions; Central & South Rift, Nyanza and Western regions. CELDA is a development and capacity building organization working together with likeminded partner organizations to support sustainable community development [...]


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Introduction An indigenous initiative that is seeking to improve the competitiveness of ordinary Ugandan farmer through providing  timely continuum of information from availability of improved seeds to harvesting and storage, marketing of crops (prices and dealers contacts). This happens through technologically creating a platform where farmers from all over Uganda can interact and share ideas [...]

Power for all

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Power for All is a global campaign to accelerate the deployment of decentralized renewable energy as the key to achieving universal energy access. It has campaign partners, including NGOs, social enterprises and energy access practitioners, located and operating around the world. Power for All has also launched country campaigns in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. [...]

EducommunicAfrik, Burkina Faso

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EducommunicAfrik envisions a world where young people are critical, thoughtful, informed, engaged and empowered citizens. It aims at empowering young people to become critical media consumers and be engaged in seeking solutions to problems not only facing them but also those facing their communities through media and ICT. Current projects: As part of its Action [...]

SDG action from our Country Teams in Ivory Coast and Niger

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Bonsoir à toutes et à tous. l'ai équipe du Niger à été reçu Aujourd'hui par le conseillier special du Président de la République en matière de jeunesse. cette réunion a pour but de concrétiser un partenariat entre l'équipe du Niger et l'État du Niger. M'bekouadiokro in the East of Ivory Coast - [...]