In Conversation with Tim Dobermann

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Energy for Sustainable Development Tim Dobermann What kind of work do you do? By training, I am a development economist. I look at policies which can help a country grow, taking into account the specific context. My time has been spent in developing Asia, working together with the government in Myanmar on various [...]

One Young World Conference in Canada – a perspective from NAYD Malawi CC James Gondwe

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From 29th September to 2nd October 2015 I was in Ottawa Canada attending the seventh ‘One Young World Conference’ which brings together the brightest young leaders from over 196 countries around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. One Young World was founded in 2009 by David Jones and Kate Robertson. The conference specifically [...]

Power for all

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Power for All is a global campaign to accelerate the deployment of decentralized renewable energy as the key to achieving universal energy access. It has campaign partners, including NGOs, social enterprises and energy access practitioners, located and operating around the world. Power for All has also launched country campaigns in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. [...]

In Conversation with Dr. Liam Swiss


  Foreign Aid in the post-2015 Development Phase What kind of work do you do? I am a sociologist of development. I study processes of globalization and social change with a focus on foreign aid/development assistance and gender in politics. Previously, I worked for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) on Canada’s aid programs to [...]

Statement for the International Day of Peace 2016

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 Environmental Protection and Development Association, Cameroon by Godwin Tanda Each year a new topic for the celebration of International Day of Peace is developed. This constant change is to explore the different pathways of building global peace. From Last Year’s theme "Partnership for Peace - Dignity for All", this year embraces a new theme dubbed: [...]

EducommunicAfrik, Burkina Faso

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EducommunicAfrik envisions a world where young people are critical, thoughtful, informed, engaged and empowered citizens. It aims at empowering young people to become critical media consumers and be engaged in seeking solutions to problems not only facing them but also those facing their communities through media and ICT. Current projects: As part of its Action [...]

In Conversation with Taye Balogun


Music for Activism What inspires your work? My work is inspired by my life’s experience, other people’s life experiences, the good and bad influences through social interaction, critical thinking and cultural values. What’s the place of art in civic engagement? Absolutely! Art always gives room to think, create and implement. An art piece will earn [...]

International Youth Day Statements

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TIME is NOW, not the FUTURE. Stephen Machua - Kenya  Don`t just promise Development, Deliver it, Make it Happen, with our full Participation, as beneficiaries and actors! Andre Nikwigize, USA Youths are the pillar of any nation, our strength, focus and determination are very paramount to nation building. Let us all use our innate potential [...]

Jeunesse Unie pour le Progrès et le Développement (JUPD NGO), Benin

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Jeunesse Unie pour le Progrès et le Développement (JUPD NGO) is a youth-led organization that is based in Benin and aims at protecting and conserving the environment through sustainable development. JUPD NGO focuses on such priority areas as climate change, renewable energy, integrated water resources management and youth employment. JUPD NGO values the contribution of [...]

In Conversation with Alvin Nyika


Social Entrepreneurship for the African Youth    What inspires your work? In life we are what we are because either God or other people made a sacrifice for us to be where we are today. This is what makes me get inspired everyday because other people have also scarified for me to be where l [...]