The current global environmental awareness encourages all parties to protect the environment.

The regional political changes offer good bases for environmental protection.

Environment aspects currently have high priority in “projects plan” stage.

“Environment” could be easily integrated into the various development projects.

Key Stakeholders
 Civil society organisations – Governmental Agencies – Local communities’ leadership- Private Sector representatives – New media organisation.
Priorities suggested

Civil society and public environmental consultation agencies and specially those interested in environmental project and environmental impact on society

•         Environmental behaviour in the region is one of the worst across the globe and has a great influence on the whole world not only on the region.

•         The majority of economical activities in the region depends on the environmental quality and the health of the eco-system (e.g. fisheries – agriculture – air quality- eco-tourism- water and energy conservation...etc)

•         Efficient environmental management and natural resources conservation and development will positively impact the national economic growth and enhance the standard of living and create new jobs opportunity.

Key Recommendations
•         environmental law enforcement

•         Support the private sector and NGOs to save the environment and tackle climate change impact.

•         Empowerment of public consultation

•         Considering the environmental impact of any project granted a fund from sponsor bodies and considering a fraction of any fund to apply a project/activity related to environment.

•         Enhancing the sustainability policies in educational institutions ( Educational gardens – Eco-schools … Etc) and introduce environmental dimensions into the educational curriculum

•         Integrating scientific research students in any environmental projects and disseminate the knowledge through university campuses which are the agents of change.

•         Associate universities and research institutions in any related projects regarding environment through scientific research & youth participation

Next Steps
•         E-newsletter promotes environmental protection in the MENA region.
•         Training session and capacity building programs
•         Documentation of existing environmental projects and disseminate knowledge
•         Linking  environmental related NGOs in an entity to share knowledge
•         Review local environmental laws and harmonize it with international conventions.