April 2018: Org of the Month



South Sudan Youth Peace and Development Organization (SSYPADO) is a non-profit youth organization based in Juba, South Sudan. It was established in July in 2010 with the aim of encouraging youth engagement in peace and civic processes. Its founders were concerned that although youth were central to the success of the liberation struggle and have a lot of talents and abilities, the country’s leadership has failed to provide opportunities in terms of both civic engagement and employment. The organization then started with a keen focus on enhancing civic competencies of youth leaders involving them in major population processes like elections and referendum.

SSYPADO seeks to promote civic competence, responsible citizenship, nationalism, exchange of ideas and experience as well as mutual understanding among young South Sudanese.

Core Values

  • Responsiveness: SSYPADO is committed to respond to emerging issues of public concern through development of programs and activities geared towards addressing such issues.
  • Respectfulness: SSYPADO operates in a spirit of respect to personal opinions, laws and policies as well as international standards.
  • Diversity: SSYPADO embraces and works with persons of different ethnic background, sex, religion, social status or any other distinction without discrimination.
  • Integrity: SSYPADO is committed to high level of integrity in performing its activities and pays attention to professional ethics and accuracy.
  • Partnerships: SSYPADO works with a wide variety of partners and stakeholders for joint and effective implementation of its programs and activities.
  • Sustainability: SSYPADO believes its work and the services it provides remain relevant and necessary for every generation.
  • Transparency and accountability: SSYPADO is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability with its partners in performance of its programs and acquisition and use of its funds.
  • Commitment: SSYPADO is committed to ensure accomplishment of its objectives.


  • SSYPADO participated, along with other stakeholders, in conducting civic education an
    community dialogue

    d observing the 2010 Southern Sudan elections and as well as the 2011 referendum.

  • It successfully advocated for youth affirmative action to ensure participation of youth in public life.
  • It participated in development of the South Sudan Youth policy and constitution of South Sudan youth union which gave definition of youth and guarantee their participation in public life.
  • It organized a series of exchange programs in Rwanda – in 2014 it organized for an exposure visit of seven youth representatives to Rwanda to learn about the participation of youth in peace building and social reconstruction, the participants recommended that such an exchange program be organized for the traditional leaders in South Sudan as well.
  • In follow up with the Rwanda event recommendation, SSYPADO organized for exposure visits whereby representatives of the traditional leaders were taken to Rwanda to learn about justice and reconciliation with a focus on the role of traditional leaders in justice and reconciliation drawing examples from the role of Gacaca courts in adjudicating cases of genocide in Rwanda.
  • In April 2015 SSYPADO further organized an inter-generation dialogue in Rwanda whereby thirty-three participants were drawn from various social and political stakeholders in South Sudan to learn about the genocide and post-genocide social reconstruction in Rwanda. The participants gained an understanding of the causes of genocide and initiatives for transitional justice. They recommended that SSYPADO should initiate peace education and social reconciliation programs in South Sudan.
  • On-going project of Give Youth a Voice in peaceful South Sudan process implemented in and outside the country to consult with the refugees in the various camps outside the country


Current Supporters : Currently SSYPADO’s activities in South Sudan are funded and supported by: Swiss Government, Australian Government, ACORD and AEGIS TRUST UK.

Contact Detailsssypado@gmail.com

(all pictures used with permission from SSYPADO)





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