NAYD was formed in March 2007 and registered in 2008 in Cameroon by Pochi Tamba. The primary idea behind the creation of NAYD is to unite African youths working in different parts of the world for a better tomorrow. Pochi believed, at the time, that African youths due to the challenges of moving across the continent needed a virtual platform to know about one another and share best practices in their development ambitions. That vision to link African youths is still today the key raison d’etre of NAYD.


 We are a network of over 80,000 youth passionate about a community where people have access to opportunities, resources and freedoms and we are committed to working together to make this a reality for all African peoples especially the marginalized. We are well versed at organizing youth, using digital tools for advocacy, researching with rural communities, spotlighting African youth and creating collaborations around shared dreams for a better Africa.

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to create a platform for African youth to collaborate and partner in community development and for youth activists to advocate for meaningful youth engagement in development.


African youths do amazing things for a better world. Their efforts are often ignored or grossly underestimated. NAYD is the voice of hundreds of these youths, highlighting the different efforts for a better world.


  • To facilitate collaboration among African youth in community development
  • To advocate for youth engagement and participation in development programming
  • To equip youth with leadership skills, capacity and necessary tools
  • To create a platform for African youth to tell and share their collective stories

Central African Republic

Focus Areas

  • Sustainable Development
  • Leadership
  • Gender Equality
  • Civic Education
  • Education

Contribution to Global Development Agenda

NAYD plays a critical role in linking youth and advocating for African youth’s voice within global frameworks. As an example, we have been at the centre of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During the years leading to the adoption of the SDGs, we created awareness among youth by unpacking them in a language and manner that spoke to youth. After 2015, we have worked relentlessly to see the SDGs localized and have youth doing this work supported.  We continue to work to ensure that these goals speak to the needs of the youth and their communities.


Burkina Faso

Local Engagement

 While we recognize the importance of working within a global system to better communities, at NAYD we are very specific in our grassroots approach to development. With this approach, we seek to engage local communities through young people in identifying their most immediate needs and collaboratively coming up with solutions that use local skills and tools. We are also committed to finding ways to resource the grassroots especially youth-led and women-led community groups.

Research & Knowledge Production

NAYD is keen to centre local knowledge and create a safe space for young people to share and curate their own stories. To do this we have recently launched a Research Desk to oversee our research projects. We have also launched Africa Elevate, an open access journal that is youth-led, to specifically publish work by young Africans on development-related themes. We also have a monthly e-zine, INSPIRE, that collates our activities around a given theme. These platforms enable young people to freely share their experiences, opinions, lessons and encourage mutual learning.


Organisation of the Month Certificate 


SDGs Anniversary partnership with Global Coalition Against Poverty

Special INSPIRE editions


Partnerships: GCAP | Web4all

Memberships: UNDESA | SDSN Youth | UNMGCY



  • Pochi Tamba
  • Paul Shaw
  • Nkhensani Valoyi
  • Sola Folayan
  • Frederic Adou
  • Judyannet Muchiri

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‘With busy lives and high ambition, it was difficult for me to find time to volunteer. However, volunteering with NAYD has been of enormous benefit to me, my family, and my community… has helped me to counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety, increase my self-confidence, help me to find new friends, increase my social and relationship skills, brought fun and fulfillment to my life, helped me reach out to my community, make me learn new skills, and even advance my career. Giving to others has also help protect my mental and physical health. I would love to do this over and over again.’ DCFP for Cameroon Kienyui Muh