A Statement by NAYD on International Youth Day August 12 2018


What does a safe space mean for you as a young person?

  • An environment that is conducive enough for the development of a youth
  • Schools as safe spaces for youth to learn and build their skills
  • For girls and young women it means access to social spaces, technological spaces, and political spaces
  • An environment that youth can live, thrive and maximize their potential


What are the benefits of having safe spaces for youth?

  • Youth can fully participate in finding solutions for the challenges in their communities
  • Safe spaces ensure the dignity and safety of youth
  • Safe civic spaces enable youth to participate in governance issues
  • Well planned physical spaces can accommodate the needs of diverse youth
  • Balanced gender opportunities at work, home and market places


What are your wishes today as International Youth Day?

  • Need for better education systems for Malagasy children and youth.
  • Strengthen the status of Chadian youth in decision making
  • Promote intergenerational exchange
  • A comprehensive sexual education is needed
  • Need to enhance youth leadership and participation
  • Protection measures and structures for the communities most vulnerable
  • Youth to be trained and properly resourced to engage in entrepreneurship


(Youth voices from:

Ghana, Cameroon, Chad, Djibouti, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Somalia)


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