A Report from Togo

by Issaka Ouro-Wechire



What do you think of youth activism? For youth activism to be successful, it has to have good leaders to take good actions in order to achieve the target goal and have impact on the community.

Tell us more about youth activism in Togo. There are many reasons for successful youth activism in my country Togo:

  • Activists have clear and precise goals;
  • are motivated and determinate to achieve that goal;
  • do not give up when there is a problem;
  • like what they do;
  • are creative and innovative;
  • always find solutions to both current and future problems;
  • are eager to take action without procrastinating;
  • And they have many sources of income.

What factors influence effective youth activism in Togo?

  • Youth activists have to be good leaders and not only managers (bosses). I say so because these activists are not there just to give orders but to encourage and influence others positively to take actions so that they can all achieve the set goals.
  • Selfishness has to disappear in favor of the interest of all. The leaders have to share their views with the people they work with and vice versa.
  • Successful youth activists plan and do things in such a way that even if they are absent the organization can keep running.
  • Activists have to evaluate the work they do in order to see what has been done and what needs to be done.
  • Youth activists do not do all tasks alone but they share them with members of the organization.
  • The leaders care for all the members in such a way that they contact them from time to time in order to find out if everything is okay.
  • Finally, they know how to manage and correctly use the resources they have.


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