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Fishers Union Organisation, TANZANIA

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FUO was established by small scale fishers in 21st July 2005 as a Civil Society Organization to help in safeguarding and promoting the interests of fishers. The organization registration operates in all regions of Tanzania Mainland. It is a non-profit and not affiliated to either political nor religious body or institution. FUO’s primary mission is [...]


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By Judyannet Muchiri Editor, NAYD. They had nothing. Now they have everything and yet they have nothing. Before the internet was what it is today it was difficult to get access to information, current information for that matter, and the source of information was limited to official custodians be they the mainstream media or state-owned [...]

Hope For the Needy Cameroon (HOFNA)

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HOFNA is a youth-led, not for-for-profit, Non-governmental Organization dedicated to supporting the marginalized youth in Cameroon to achieve lasting positive change in their lives. It further seeks to enable the young to attain independence through education, Self-Help, Healthy Living and Entrepreneurship and by promoting Culture, Gender Sensitivity, Innovation and Leadership. It does this through the [...]