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International Centre for Accelerated Development, Nigeria (ICADNG)


ICADNG is a community organization based in Nigeria that seeks to promote effective development in the community especially with a focus on the youth and women. It does so by improving the health and socio-economic status of women, children and the youth through initiatives in the areas of health, ICT, human rights and gender. Besides [...]

Six Lessons for African Youth in 2014

By | January 12th, 2014|INSPIRE|

Network: The first lesson we the young people need to learn in 2014 is the power of networking. We have often heard that birds of a feather fly together.  A while back when I was starting out in the community development journey I used to hear people say you should ‘network’ and while I knew [...]

Nelson Mandela’s legacy: the way forward for African Youth?

By | January 12th, 2014|INSPIRE|

Many would call Nelson Mandela a Saint but he would argue “I am not a saint unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” Nelson Mandela was a human being, just like you and me, yet he became a great liberator, breaking the shackles of an immensely powerful Apartheid regime [...]

New Year Message

By | January 10th, 2014|INSPIRE|

The start of a New Year is the time to reflect on progress in the last year and consider the opportunities and challenges for 2014. Membership 2013 brought thousands more people together to the NAYD family. Our Our facebook Facebook Group membership increased rapidly, presently adding over 2000 members per month. We are currently at [...]

NGO for January, 2014


Mukinge Youth Development Foundation, Zambia is the NGO of the month of January. Mukinge Youth Development Foundation is a youth-led non profit that was established in 2012 to address problems faced by youths such as HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender advocacy, Corruption and Drug abuse. It started as an effort to sensitize the young people [...]