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NAYD – AIDS Information: A Young Positive’s story Job Seeking:

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NAYD - AIDS Information: A Young Positive’s story Job Seeking:: With all the daily findings, living with HIV has been simplified each day but some aspects that are given lesser attention are still a hind...

Water Security and Rural Sanitation in Egypt, A revolution awaits its hero (part 1/2)

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Background The Nile Delta is a very challenging area, with very dense housing, growing pressure on the agricultural land, high water demands and high population growth. Villages of the Nile Delta are now served with water supply, but few of them already benefit from proper wastewater collection and treatment. There is a clear demand to [...]

Healing unseen wounds in Mogadishu

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Mogadishu, Somalia - “I was alone,” remembers 14-year-old Hoda*, recalling that evening in January 2013. “My father is a police officer, and he was working that night.” Hoda was in the bathroom preparing for bed, while two armed men quietly broke into her house. A man of 75 years and his son then hid under [...]

NAYD’s Country Co-ordinator for Somalia becomes Energy Globe Ambassador

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Aweis Nor Abokar (pictured on the left), NAYD's country co-ordinator for Somalia,  has been offered and has accepted the position of Energy Globe Ambassador for Somalia. Energy Globe Ambassadors benefit from: * An international, prestigious and acknowledged trade mark for sustainability. * Ambassadors are presented globally on * Ambassadors are appointed for a term [...]

Change Mind Change Future


Change Mind Change Future is a Non-governmental organization that offers mentorship to primary schools and secondary schools in Kenya. The organization basically focuses on positive thinking and social entrepreneurship. This is achieved through visits to schools and giving talks on various aspects of life that would deter a normal kid from reaching out for his/her [...]