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YOUTH & STUDENTS COUNCIL OF UNA-MAURITIUS (Combination of: Council of Students/Youth Movement, Youth Council of Mauritius and the United Nations Association of Mauritius Youth Wing – affiliates of: ASSU, SAYM, IUS, NASYO, ASA, ISMUM, PYU, WFUNA YOUTH) To:   Network of African Youth for Development,   Dear President/Secretary General/ Chief Administrator, We have the great [...]

Letter from the Editor (March/April 2012)

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Since its official launch in 2007 INSPIRE Newsletter has gone through tough and good times in bringing the African Youth development efforts and struggle for change, the advancement of youth and basic human rights in the front line media with thanks to Information Communication Technology (ICT). Personally, I am more than elated to have joined [...]

Plant A Tree With A Dollar Campaign Launch – Malawi

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Ms Bessie Chirambo, Presidential Advisor on NGO issues in Malawi said government is doing all it can to see to it that climate change and its impacts are addressed. She stressed that this cannot be done by government alone but it requires that NGOs also come in to help end this problem. The presidential advisor [...]

Joining Forces – Cameroon

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God is Great Orphanage Bamenda (GIG) is a promising development approach for addressing food and nutrition insecurity for orphans and vulnerable children.        GIG is a project strand of Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage to be developed which Better World hopes to realize in Partnership with NWADO. Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-village is a social enterprise project developed by the [...]

NAYD Five Year Strategic Planning Processes Well Underway

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NAYD launched its five year strategic planning process early this year. The strategic planning process will help NAYD to determine where it wants to go, what it wants to do, how to get there, and when, including exploring the necessary resources. This would be the first strategic plan for NAYD. The process is composed of [...]

NAYD Hosted AYDA Mission at the African Union Commission

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NAYD hosted a group of four steering committee members of the African Youth Decade Alliance /AYDA/ on a mission to the African Union Commission /AUC/ from 18-22 March, 2011. AYDA is an African regional alliance composed of 9 African regional networks namely, African University Students Network, African Monitor Trust, Association Jeunesse Vertes du Cameroun,  Inter [...]

“Permaculture” Improving Livelihoods of Young People in Cameroon

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Better World Cameroon is engaging with NWADO through a Community Gardening project called Permaculture (permanent  agriculture)  practice and change of lifestyles. This involves designing modules developed in Ndanifor Community Garden in Yaounde for replication in the North West Region (NWR)through Better World Bamenda supported by Ndanifor Gardens UK Trust (NGUKT), Charity registered in Newcastle. Through [...]

Nouvel Espace pour le Partenariat au Développement de Centrafrique

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Registered Address: Dedengue II, Bangui-République CENTRAFRICAINE Contact Details:Name: Philippe Junior SIBIRO, Email: Tel: +23670025451, +23675358497, +23675005774 Mission: Le NEPADCA a pour mission d’améliorer les conditions de vie sociale des jeunes et de lutter contre le changement climatique. Vision: La vision de NEPADCA est la prise de conscience de la jeunesse Centrafricaine pour son avenir et surtout pour son développement [...]

Addis Ababa University Peace Club

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Registered Address: 6 Kilo Main Campus, PO BOX 1176, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA Contact Details: Firew Girma +25191367413 and Ermias Dejene +251912095004 Mission: Peace club is a student based organization. The club aims at creating a peace full and harmonious academic environment where students of diverse background lives inter dependently. Vision: The peace club envisions a [...]