Dear members,

We start with a question – what have YOU done to improve lives in your community in 2017? It’s too easy to complain on Facebook and Twitter. Carry on complaining if you must, but may we ask you to commit at least 1 hour a month to your community’s development as well in 2018?


Organization of the Month

NAYD continues to highlight youth-led community development in an effort to inspire more youth to take action in their local communities and to tell a positive African story. In 2017 we featured the following NGOs/ CBOs/ Initiatives and organizations:

  1. Centre for Livelihood Development Africa (CELDA) – Kenya
  2. The Development and Humanitarian Aid Foundation (ENSAN Aid) – Egypt
  3. Drylands Development Initiative Karamoja – Uganda
  4. Association pour la Nutrition, l’Agriculture, la Famille et l’Alphabétisation en abrégé (ANAFA) – Guinea
  5. Youth of Agro-Marine Development Association (YAMDA) – Somalia
  6. Big Steps Outreach Network (BONET) – Cameroon
  7. Community Development Centre (CDC) -Uganda
  8. Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD) – Ethiopia
  9. Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) – Botswana
  10. Lead Eritrea
  11. Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP) – Nigeria
  12. Violet Mbiti Foundation – Kenya



The first issue in 2017 investigated young Africans experiences with politics. We talked to youth who have run for office and documented their experiences. We also talked to civil society members working to expand the spaces for youth to be active in politics. Finally we talked to youth on their hopes for better governance.

The second issue focused on Rural Communities in Action and highlighted how rural communities are addressing poverty in innovative ways. This was the first issue based on the work of our Research Desk. We are still open for partnerships in order to advance the communities that were published. The population needs, as captured in the SDGs, of the researched communities are as follows:

In Conversation

In 2017 we featured some young Africans who are thought leaders in their respective fields. We had Stephen Machua in January talking to us about progress, challenges and the future of development in Africa. This was followed by Nelson Kwaje focusing on Digital Skills and Youth in Africa. In June Sheripher Dinala, an active change agent reflected on Young Women as Active Agents of Change. We had Petrider Paul remind us why the fight for girls’ and young women’s rights is still very important. To end the year, Ingo Ritz gave us insights on how global civil societies can accelerate the implementation of the Global Goals.  We will bring you more In Conversation Features this year.


Twitter Chats/ Google Hangouts

This year we hope to do more chats and Google Hangouts specifically documenting the implementation of SDGs. We are looking to hear what youth are doing to localize the SDGs in their communities. Let us know if you would like us to highlight your work. Last year Ilevbaoje Imoukhuede Uadamen,  #NAYDSDGs Nigeria team lead shared his successful experience partnering with UNDP and other International Organisations –  Building Partnerships with International organizations


Social media

The main facebook group has over 65,000 members. It’s a great platform to share opportunities like scholarships and grants as well as community development stories. Many posts are automated rss feeds from popular websites. Member posts are moderated to maintain a high standard for the platform. The facebook job opportunities group has around 7,000 members. Again most posts are automated. We are particularly grateful for the handful of members who make important contributions on a regular basis to these sites. Membership of the LinkedIn group continues to grow, currently over 1000 members. The YAHOO and GOOGLE groups are about the same as last year, a reflection on the increasing popularity of social media for sharing information.



A new regular newsletter is being sent to all registered members summarising NAYD actions and proposed activities, including election specials in December. You can easily register by going to our website



NAYD, Agenda 2030 and Rural African Communities There are many complex interconnected issues facing the successful empowerment of African Rural Communities with Agenda 2030. NAYD is trying to face these issues and asks your support in partnering with us on this exciting but testing journey.


Empowering Young African Women Young African women leaders describe why the Network of African Youths for Development social media platforms are important to them and how it has empowered them.

SDGs Anniversary Video On September 25th 2015 our World Leaders signed up to Agenda 2030 – the Sustainable Development Goals. 2 years on its time to remind them of their commitments. #NAYDSDGs members were active all over Africa. Hope you enjoy this video to at least celebrate our commitment to them.


NAYD celebrates 10 years of being together. NAYD was 10 years old on 27th March 2017.  Quoting from the first INSPIRE magazine ‘In March 2007, precisely on the 27th and 28th, some thirty youths from different youth led programs around Africa met in Cameroon to lay the ground work for the Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD).


NAYD Research Desk Nkhensani Valoyi from South Africa tells us about the NAYD Research Desk and how YOU can get involved.


Raising Awareness of the SDGs in Ivory Coast  The main objective was to gather youths for them to reflect, exchange, and bring out solutions for implementing the SDGs. The organisers were NAYDSDGs Ivory Coast team, ONG ARSE, and Alliance Network for the SDGs from Ghana. This program raised awareness of the SDGs for the participants.


Archbishop Tutu Fellowship

Every year NAYD is asked to recommend youth leaders to the African Leadership Institute to attend the prestigious Archbishop Tutu Fellowship academy in Oxford, England and in South Africa. This year NAYD nominated 8 members. The competition is very fierce across the continent, and if just one of these nominations are accepted it will be a great honour for the network.


UN Major Group on Children and Youth

NAYD became a member of the UN Major Group for Children and Youth ( MGCY). This is the United Nations General Assembly mandated, official, formal and self organised space for children and youth to contribute to and engage in certain intergovernmental and allied policy processes at the United Nations. Being a member allows network members to become engaged in the many different groups/ coordination teams and make a real difference to global development.



A huge thank you to Nelson Kwaje of web4all  for a complete redesign of the NAYD website. This new look enables access for contributors to the different themes within the site and will replace the BLOGS.


Country Focal Points

Elections were held in December for new NAYD Country Focal points. Over 150 candidates were selected in 50 African countries, and many thousands of members voted. The results can be seen here. In 2018 the new focal points will share community stories with each other and with Steering Group representatives at monthly meetings for publication in INSPIRE, the Research Desk journal and social media. The list of contacts can be seen here.



2017 was both challenging and a rewarding year for #NAYDSDGs. The enthusiasm of the first meeting in early January 2016 and subsequent establishment of 7 person teams in 36 African countries was mostly lost by the middle of 2017, with perhaps the late postponement of a planned meet-up in December 2016 a major contributor to this loss of momentum. The high point, to mark the 2nd anniversary of the SDGs, was to support Global Action against Poverty’s 25th of September world-wide mobilisation to remind our leaders to stick to their pledge. Our members participated in Public Events and actions,  Social Media Campaigns, contributed to a Public Statement on SDGs Implementation and a MY World 2030 surveys. You can read the full BLOG at


2018 Projects

  • Research Desk Journal: The Research Leads in various African countries agreed that the Research work be separated into a separate journal, however the Research summary will always be included in INSPIRE. We are looking forward to working with professors passionate in Rural Development, Research Institutions and relevant academic institutions.
  • Digital Tools Training: NAYD is working on a project in collaboration with Web for All and Rural Development Investments Ltd to hold a digital skills training workshop with youth in rural Uganda. We will update you as the project progresses.
  • #NAYDSDGs Workshop: This is critical to the success of the initiative and all efforts will be made to progress this
  • Community Ideas: We welcome any ideas that you might have and are willing to collaborate with you to make them a reality.
  • Community Voices: Hope for 2018: As an individual, it won’t be business as usual. This is the spirit I take into the New Year and African Monitor plan of activities. #CitizensReport will be my new address collecting and tracking rural communities’ citizens’ voices on access to public services, resources accountability at local authorities and challenging any false or exaggerated data with real life citizens’ reporting. The plan is have our own real life answers before we ask questions. It’s some kind of local communities citizens shadow reporting. Join us wherever you are in Africa; share your voice with under #CitizensReport- Francis Maberi |Uganda
  • My key involvement objective is aligned to stimulating knowledge sharing on solutions powering up innovativeness in #Youth4Trade, Entrepreneurship and Volunteering to enable rural Uganda to access solutions handouts to Climate Change action and SDGs. Joining a network of change-led Youths like NAYD to accelerate development. Nirere Sadrach | Uganda


Thank you

On behalf of NAYD we extend a warm hand of gratitude to all the members of the steering group for their commitment and excellence. In addition we appreciate the following people for their input: Olebile for INSPIRE’s editorial design, Tinashe Lindel for all the beautiful publicity posters, Gladys Maillu for excellent assist, and Lilliane Oloo for French translates. We also appreciate all our esteemed members who inspire us with their commitment to development in Africa. We appreciate you.